Rs Marine Engineering & Trading Co Pte Ltd
12 Kian Teck Way
Singapore 628748
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About Us
Fabrication - AO/WT/GT Quick action eitherside water/light steel door (design range - 1 to 55 metre head) with ABS certification
- A60/WT/GT single level action door (design to 8 metre head external & 4 metre head internal) with ABS certification
- Marine outfitting: Watertight Hatch cover (Design to 40 metre head external and internal pressure) with ABS certification
- Manhole (tanks, pipe supports and clamps, strainers, ladders, platforms, foundations, etc)
- Stainless steel and aluminium works
- Machining services.
Trading - Side scuttles, bevel gear assembly (JIS F7455) deckstands, air pipe heads, Universal Joints, dog clips, eye bolts & deck mooring fittings & etc.